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  …because every one of us has an INVISIBLE DEPENDENT.  Young, middle age or retired already, you may look at the people above and think, “I’m not there yet”.   Here is the fact.  Be it 10, 20, 30, 40 or more years from now, YOU are your own Invisible Dependent!!

Years go by faster than you think. When you are at the age you no longer work for a living, you want your life to be happy and fun. Each of us needs to develop Personal Financial Power in order to create CASH FLOW LONGEVITY. That means you have enough money to live at least the same lifestyle you are living today or better for the rest of your life!  We help you take care of this dependent and show you how to easily do better along the way!

What WE Believe


Many people don’t like to even think about money, let alone plan around it.

If their Invisible Dependent could speak with them, they would beg them to take time now to just get the basics down and work with professionals who are dedicated to empowering you.  Your Invisible Dependent might sound desperate that you do that now..


Two major reasons.

  1. You now have an opportunity to take advantage of working with people dedicated to making sure you gain Personal Financial Power
  2. The state of the Financial industry demonstrates less of a commitment to empowering you and more of a commitment to protecting the status quo – especially in the area of assets under management.

While every other industry seems to be improving and using technological advances available to advance their client’s use of technology to take control, the financial industry keeps rolling along believing “the way it was” will be “the way it will always be”.

Instead of concentrating on empowering individuals so they can take advantage of easy financial tools, solid cash flow longevity strategies and concentrating on financial basics that empower, many financial industry professionals continue to encourage people to rely only on them and bad mouth others in the industry.

A large majority of financial professionals are protective of their client’s money.  Not for the safe of safeguarding it for your use, but instead: focusing on gathering assets under management, badmouthing any other professional who may disagree with them and keeping people in the dark by talking over the average person’s head.  No wonder people are confused.

In the 28 years I have been in the financial industry, I haven’t see a change of attitude or shift toward a commitment to empowering people in their financial life.

The conversations I hear today reminds me of a conversation I had with my supervisor when I first started in the investment industry. He told me I was too concerned with having people learn why and instead the best thing I could do for my career was to learn how to look a person in the eye, pat their hand and say “TRUST ME”.  I was horrified.

Let me say, I believe there are good people in the investment industry.  I, however, am continually frustrated at how few of them will work side by side with each other as a team of experts.

And now another set of problems are starting to emerge in the financial industry. People with experience in the financial industry are starting to retire and the next generation of financial professional are being trained to do more of the same.  The reason has to do with the concentration on many dollars can be made by sticking to keeping the consumer in the dark instead of empowering them to make educated smart decisions.


This is Evonne Ryan, founder of Wealth Strong, at her home outside of Denver Colorado. Her discussion of our culture provides you a glimpse of what Wealth Strong and the non-profit organizations supported by Wealth Strong are all about.

She believes making technology work for everyone — especially when the subject is empowering you in your relationship with money is critical.  She invites you to take time to learn what she and the folks at Wealth Strong Life Solutions believe and why they are bent on becoming a new financial industry standard – using advances in technology to serve individuals in their quest to help individuals build Personal Financial Power.

You may be working with a top notch financial professional who provide you access to Evonne and some of the programs she presents.  These are professionals who want to empower you in your relationship with money and work directly with Evonne to help you get a quick start on learning about Cash Flow Longevity strategies.

If you are an individual who has yet to find a financial professional who understands and believes as we do – we encourage you to understand one thing. You already have personal financial power – and we can show you how to build on what you already know.   We want to help you use technology so you can gain a higher level of sophistication and gain the Personal Financial Power you deserve.

Learn what we believe and how our history and dedication to you can make a major difference in your life!

In the Wealth Strong Life Solutions office in Littleton, CO Evonne and other members of the Team spend up to 10 hours a day meeting with clients, analyzing benefit programs and educating clients on strategies to eliminate wealth transfers and extend cash flow longevity.

In the conference room wall behind George Garklavs are awards won by Evonne Ryan (including an Emmy and Ace Award)and various awards won by WSLS Team members and collaborations. This includes an international award won by CPA Mike Hartmann for his paper featuring the investment management program he provides via a newsletter by Wealth Net Advisors.

Our staff is proud of the way we work in the financial industry.  We have an unbiased stand regarding others in the financial industry. We enjoy providing you with meetings which help you look at next steps and help you determine an empowerment track. We insist there are great strategies to be aware of from all the “Camps” of financial expertise.

There is a difference between an educator and a salesperson.  We encourage you to discuss direction and learn strategies regarding how money works.  The best strategies evaluate the way the four financial camps below work together and build on your Personal Financial Power.

Financial Professionals working with us have a solid understanding of how money works and are specifically trained using a financial training program called MoneyTrax and other amazing educational programs provided by other educational non-profit organizations we work with.

The financial industry is bracing for the impact of needing to hire a massive number of young and eager advisors in the future.  Here are some statistics you should be aware of from a May 2015 article in InvestmentNews(1), the leading provider of news, data, research and events for financial advisers.  Evonne Ryan has added her  comments in italics

  • There is a current trend — there is an aging out of many of the industry’s current advisers. According to global research firm Cerulli Associates, 43% of financial advisers are over age 55 and the average age of advisers is currently 50.9 years.  (Yes, there is a need for another generation of advisors to be trained to help the growing need to help people understand and obtain ways to learn Cash Flow Longevity strategies they need.  I see the problem as this, the concentration is on gathering assets no on helping people understand how money works).
  • Industry-wide, financial services firms are eager to hire the next generation of advisers. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the number of job openings for financial advisers will jump 27%, or 60,300 additional jobs, by 2022. That’s much faster than the 10.8% average growth rate for all occupations.  (Sadly the majority of new investment professionals I meet are attracted to the industry after hearing stories of how much money they will make.  I do not hear “I want to do this to make a difference in the lives of others” as often as I wish.  People working as team members and consultant in the PFP Program must agree to our code of ethics and statement of their belief in our culture to be introduced to PFP members). 
  • According to the U.S Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the mean annual wage of a personal financial adviser was twice that of the average income reported for all other occupations. Some industry projections have starting salaries forecasted to rise 3.5% in the next year.   (As a person who has spent over 25 years in the industry, I know if a person concentrates on profit, the opportunity to make huge dollars is high. Sadly those who concentrate on making sure they take the time and effort to evaluate, educate and show clients all options available to them tend to have an income more in line with an average income)
  • Just as the industry is expecting a decrease in financial advisers, more investors than ever are seeking the advice of professionals in the wake of the Great Recession, creating an increasing need for the next generation of financial advisers. (I will add, or programs which empower people to understand the industry and financial strategies. One reason we have created the PFP program is because we are not able to handle the number of people who need out help. In 2016, I took over six months automating and creating the PFP program to allow us to efficiently provide education and services using smart technology vs having to turn people away)
  • According to a study published by Pershing LLC, an estimated $30 trillion in wealth will transfer to the next generation of investors over the course of the next 30 years. As this wealth is transferred, many in the next generation will be looking to align themselves with new financial advisers. (This is a sad fact.  Too many people who will be inheriting money will come into the experience as uneducated investors – and be served by unsophisticated new advisors.  The circle of life and continued wealth transfers repeats itself over and over again)
  • Experienced advisers report a lack of time and rapport to develop relationships with their clients’ children and/or grandchildren. Laying the groundwork with these next-gen clients increases a new investment professional having chances of earning the privilege of managing their inherited assets.  (Sadly, the new clients and new advisors will learn together and make mistakes together – unless the matriarch and patriarch of a family helps and encourages their grown children learn the basics and gain Personal Financial Power)
  • In a 2012 Cerulli Associates report, only 7.9% of financial advisers were women. At the same time, women have decision-making power over 39% of all investable assets in the U.S.  (Being a woman investment professional can be rewarding but typically because we are more interested in the people aspect of our relationship with our clients we are less respected in the industry than our male colleagues. Just look at how the systems are set up, the emphasis on male related programs at conferences, etc.  Thank goodness some of us end up running our own firms and can stop the insanity from influencing people within our firms — competitive greed does not benefit anyone).


(1) 28, 2015 @ 12:01 am by Tom Daley

What about money?

People say that money isn’t everything. We agree. It may not be everything, but many people we speak to say it’s right up there with air. Money solves a lot of problems, and there are plenty of problems out there.

It has been said that 90% of the challenges people face today can be taken care of by writing a check. That’s not being flippant; it makes a point. Money can’t buy happiness and if you believe it can, you may find yourself in the place of those who realize too late the truth about money.  Money is a small part of your wealth but it has a different definition. I is a utility that is meant to serve your real wealth. For that reason it needs to become efficient in how it serve you. Learning strategies which help money serve you better allows you to be in control of where you live, what you drive, where your kids go to school, and the lifestyle you enjoy. So having money work efficiently is important, especially in today’s unsettling world. You worked hard to make it and you need to protect it and control it because your family’s future is at stake.

Our beliefs have been forged out of our own experiences as breadwinners or co-breadwinners for our families, as business owners, as financial / legal and other professionals and as educators and coaches. We know what it takes to make a living today, and we have all had to learn from hard knocks (like everyone) about how to make money last.

Before you can have a conversation about your financial future with any financial advisor, It is very important that you understand solid financial principles. If you are like us, you have become risk-averse and dedicated to doing what it takes to provide your family. Our mutual concerns about the financial world are well founded; just pick up a newspaper and scan the headlines.

So here are some basic principles we agree are critical when you are working with financial people and why it is important to think about your invisible dependent. The five listed below are the critical core beliefs about retirement and risk we think you should learn for the sake of your invisible dependent.  The bottom * is what makes us unique over all other financial programs


Don’t Lose Money

You have a limited amount of cash that will flow through your hands during the course of your life. That means it’s a limited resource, and any time you have a limited resource, you simply can’t afford to lose it. Protecting this valuable resource is number one on the list. It could take years just to get back to even from a financial loss—and there is no guarantee that you’ll ultimately fully recover, because time is also a limited resource. Bottom line: don’t lose money to invisible leaks or wealth transfers and you’ll never have to worry about the time it takes to make up for the losses.


Cash Flow Is Vital

Opportunities are available for people who can put their hands on cash and take advantage of situations. While we dream of winning the lottery, very few financial success stories are “Rags to Riches.” Most of them are about the person that had an idea and also had access to the cash to put that idea in play. Keeping money in a place where it is accessible and still growing is critical. Cash flow is income through liquidity, use, and control. When you are in control of your cash flow, it opens the door to a host of opportunities.


Understand Compounding and then Don’t Interrupt It.

It takes a skilled person to position their money in such a way that it is continually growing. Consistent growth and annual compounding will outperform erratic and unpredictable speculative risk. One of the most common mistakes Americans make with regard to their finances is the failure to understand how truly powerful compounding interest is. It’s easy to see the benefits of compounding interest when you look at a chart showing exponential growth. Unfortunately, most people drain their accounts on big purchases with short-sighted instant gratification rather than doing the math and realizing the amazing power of compounding interest. The world has us trained to spend and pay interest rather than save and earn interest. Keeping your money working for you at all times is key. Continuous compounding is a true miracle. Your invisible dependent surely hopes you learn this one!


Taxes Matter

It’s impossible to avoid taxes, but you can, and should do as much as you can to minimize them. Every dollar of yours that goes to Uncle Sam costs you not just that dollar, but all the dollars you would have made on the interest compounded over time. Paying unnecessary taxes has a significant impact on your financial future. Taxes are the largest single expense you will ever have! Taxes matter and it you watch what is happening with national debt, you can’t help but believe they’ll be going up. It is essential to your financial health to be able to manage tax risk as effectively as possible.  Your invisible dependent would love if there was a way for you not to have to pay taxes on every dollar taken out of your nest egg for living expenses in the future. Learning strategies used by sophisticated investors is possible and at your fingertips by working with our program.


Your Money Needs a Serve You and Your Family

You work hard to make sure that your family is taken care of. If you’re smart with your money, you have worked equally hard to save some of it for rainy days and retirement. However, is it protected from loss? Is it growing in an environment where you can enjoy market-like returns without experiencing the agony of loss that happens when markets dip, dive, or even crash completely? Are you able to access your money? Even if you have a lot of money put away, if you can’t use it when you need it, it’s useless. People who have Personal Financial Power know that there are ways to have money shielded from risks that threaten to deplete savings while at the same time continue to enjoy decent growth. Your Invisible Dependent will thank you when you allow them to control when, where, and how you use it.

We help individuals understand sophisticated concepts on how to use programs which allow you to control money so it doesn’t eventually control you. Our programs are focused on providing you with knowledge regarding effective, powerful strategies to protect your money and provide continued cash flow longevity throughout a lifetime. We are here for you and your family, to help you keep them safe financially. We are dedicated to helping you build a brighter financial future so when you reach the age of our fun couple above, you are as happy and content as they are.  Your Invisible Dependent wants to see that future and knows you do too!


Remember, Your Money Is Only One Part of Your Wealth

When you work with our Wealth Strong team, you will see we are unique and fun.  Some people say the number one way we are unique is because we see money as part of your wealth, NOT your true wealth.  Our work as Cash Flow Longevity Specialists is founded on our belief that money is there to SERVE the TRUE WEALTH in your and your family’s life.  Your lifetime journey (including retirement) is meant to be the time you live joyously and with gratitude. No one can enjoy their true wealth if they are constantly worried about money.

If you wish to take advantage of services beyond the financial strategies we provide, you will find our firm leads the way in financial education, coaching  and counseling.  We work with financial professionals as counselors and advisors. We refuse to have salespeople on our staff – our first dedication is to your financial empowerment.  We are proud that we dedicate our energies to making sure you have true wealth in your life.  We are proud our Wealth Strong Life Solutions work as benefit specialists through our not for profit organizations the Federal Employee Benefits Center and Financial Education Resource Center (FinER Center).  Ask for information about the services of Certified Financial Coach(TM) Professionals and our licensed AFCPE professional  (*AFCPE is the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education).