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What part of the checklist will you like best? Find out if the strategies and materials the PFP program has put together finds you looking at money differently.

"Hard Dollar" Dave liked being boss ...




Dave and his wife like the discussion ...

Using the EAWAHS (ELEVEN AREA OF WEALTH AND HUMAN STRENGTH) checklist, sparks new conversation. It helps people identify the true wealth in their life!

“I am not one of those guys who typically signs up for information like this. Usually I like information regarding HARD Dollars. However when someone told me about this checklist, I was intrigued.”


“I especially liked the piece where I was the BOSS – putting money on the HOT SEAT. I was doing an annual review to see how money was doing the job it is meant to do — SERVE ME!   NOW, that was an eye opener”

“The part my wife and I both liked was looking at the eleven areas and what was important in our life.

What we learned?   Quite a bit – we have great discussions”.


Dave Z.

Money is only one part of wealth -- but it is different from the other Wealth in your life - it is meant to SERVE YOU!

its personal money meant to serve real wealth