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What happened the last time you asked a¬†financial professional their opinion of another professional’s ideas? Professionals who work with us are asked to hold collaborative meetings with other financial professionals. We are even pleased to set those up.

Professionals interested in enhancing their own and their clients technological sophistication, work with us and use our Personal FInancial Power programs to move their clients to a journey to financial empowerment. We encourage professionals bringing clients to our program to respect and learn from each other. We are pleased to attract financial professionals who are more interested in your empowered financial future than in bad mouthing the ideas of others. We respect input from all camps of Financial Professionals.

Our Revolution Vision is based on respect of all financial professionals!

It takes a collaborative team and great technology to make a difference in your future and help you provide for your Invisible Dependent. Our founder, Evonne Ryan, has a history of building organizations and creating programs that empower individuals in their relationship with money. Don’t take our word for it, here are what others are saying about her work.

Evonne is an amazing professional in the financial industry. Her visionary work integrating personal financial education and ontological personal development work is revolutionary. Evonne has a talent for surrounding herself with other brilliant minds and the Wealth Strong coaching program is an enterprise level system leading the way in the field of financial coaching and transformation

Brett Greene

Founder/CEO, New Tech Northwest

Evonne is one of the most intellectual visionaries I have worked with. As a securities principal, she is detail oriented and has sound expertise as a benefit specialist. Time and time again, Evonne has demonstrated the ability to turn her outstanding visions to reality.

Deb Johnson

Owner, Divorce Resource Centre of Colorado

Evonne is incredible! Her prowess in regard to business and her understanding of complex financial strategies is second to none!
On top of her genius, she truly cares about her clients and the state of our economy.
I would highly recommend Evonne for any project and I believe EVERY person should take time to talk with her about their finances, both personal and professional.

Deb Paino,


Evonne has demonstrated the characteristics of an excellent working partner on a current project of great significance to both of our organizations. She is goal-oriented, detail-sensitive, and brings a great work ethic to this initiative. I would recommend Evonne to anyone who is looking for knowledge and experience in the area of retirement planning and the means of presenting complex ideas in an understandable way

Yan Ross

Community Education Instructor at Yavapai College

We are only interested in working with seasoned financial professionals with high level commitment to empowering their clients. If this sounds like your financial professionals, send us your recommendation.

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.