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We are pleased you were able to upload your information so we can help you gain skill and knowledge through financial strategies we help you learn.

Understanding your real financial numbers and successfully completing financial tasks with ease while gaining Personal Financial Power along the way is possible if you have two very important pieces in place. First is the ability to efficiently use technology without having to stress over its use. Second is having a group dedicated to helping you expand your knowledge in the area of finance – readily available and in your camp – is a sure recipe for success.






Our commitment to you...

We are 100% dedicated to your success.

Your success is our success. Our goal is to change the financial industry in a way no other organization has even envisioned before. We do that through a system built on financial cornerstones.

We start with a program which enables people to understand general rules and strategies around a concept called Cash Flow Longevity.

Cash Flow Longevity is defined as the ability to continue at your current standard of living throughout your lifetime. The reason this is important is because nobody wants to decrease their lifestyle as they age. To help guard against this, it is important to have a clear understanding what it takes to have the highest probability of success to have your money serve YOU through your lifetime.  This means money needs to serve you in the most efficient and beneficial way possible throughout your life.  If resources are left over at the end of your lifetime and you have the ability to also benefit others, even better!

What We Provide –





We start by providing you a place to organize materials and share specific materials with us. As Cash Flow Longevity Specialists, we work with you to see how what you are doing today helps you succeed in having your financial resources work for you to achieve the Cash Flow Longevity you want throughout your life. When you upload materials for us to analyze, you are also provided with a safe and secure place to store other materials you may wish to preserve. Your security and access to your personal data backed up by one of the most secure systems for data storage available today. Your Portal features a way to securely upload information and includes a your own personal set of private file folders. You start by uploading directly to our secure file and then we place the information in a file where the professional you work with is able to start working on your confidential analysis.

In addition, if you wish, you have access to private folders you control directly. These pages are totally controlled by you and only with your written consent will these folders be accessed. Some people use these files to keep documents which they wish their family to access only in case of emergency.  At that time, at your directive, the files are provided to those you personally deemed to be notified.  We are dedicated to helping you easily keep control of everything you need — all from the convenience of your personal file portal.






Our culture is not typical of offices which help people with their finances. While our founder and others in the organization are perfectly capable and licensed to help with products, we are not product salespeople. We are educators, strategists, advocates, coaches and award winning financial experts.  If you decide you need products or services to fulfill a financial need, we tell you to consider four choices — you can work with us, you can use us as your advocate in working with other financial professionals, we can recommend professionals who work as consultants for our clients and subscribers or we can put out a RFP (Request For Proposal) using a subscriber number (instead of your name) and allow advisors and professionals to submit a summary of what they would want to discuss with you. In each case you are in charge. We pride ourselves on being unbiased – especially when it comes to finding financial professionals who can help you find the right programs and services to fill your financial needs.





What WE Believe

People say that money isn’t everything. We agree. It may not be everything, but many people we speak to say it’s right up there with air. Money solves a lot of problems, and there are plenty of problems out there.
It has been said that 90% of the challenges people face today can be taken care of by writing a check. That’s not being flippant; it makes a point. Money can’t buy happiness, but it does determine where you live, what you drive, where your kids go to school, and the lifestyle you enjoy. So having money is important, especially in today’s unsettling world. You worked hard to make it and you need to protect it and control it because your family’s future is at stake.
Our beliefs have been forged out of our own experiences as breadwinners or co-breadwinners for our families, as business owners, as financial / legal and other professionals and as educators and coaches. We know what it takes to make a living today, and we have all had to learn from hard knocks (like everyone) about how to make money last.  Learn More by clicking on core beliefs above.  And better yet, have the professional you are working with tell you about how we work with people and out belief about what constitutes TRUE WEALTH.




  • Staff Composition percent of staff with teaching experience 80% 80%
  • Percent of WSLS Team Professionals acting in fiduciary capacity 100% 100%
  • Response time for inquiries less than 24 business hours 95% 95%

Our Advanced Technology is what makes all this possible; technology and a dedication to making a difference in both the financial field and in the lives of Americans. It is what we are all about!

Our Work Flow

Design Excellent Programs Empowering Individuals with Their Finances

It takes experts in the field of both education and finance to create programs which empower individuals to take control of their financial future.  We are a group of individuals who have specific talents in the design of educational materials, have a history working in the financial industry and also have a passion for using technology to empower individuals – allowing them to take control of their financial lives.

Offer Financial Literacy Training and Financial Tools at a Cost Everyone Can Afford

After years of working in the financial field, a group of individuals decided they were fed up in how the financial system worked and became determined to find a better way.  Learn more as you work with the professionals who are dedicated to working together as your financial team.

Enjoy helping people grow and succeed financially

After years struggling to find a real definition for the unique approach Evonne Ryan kept trying to refine, she and others on the WSLS realized it wasn’t about having a business, it was about creating a movement where people understand and succeed in their relationship with money.  The WSLS team is composed of individuals who share a vision of providing a simple and understandable path for individuals to gain Personal Financial Power in their relationship with money and wealth in their life.


Frequently Asked Questions

In the past clients have spent thousands of dollars to work with the developers of the integrative tools and systems offered as part of what we do everyday.  The founder of Wealth Strong Life Solutions and the affiliated not-for-profit groups Federal Employee Benefits Center and the Financial Education Resource Center (FinER Center) decided enough was enough. It was time the life-changing programs and materials developed were offered to people through workshops and group presentations that helped people easily learn how to make money work for them vs being a slave to money.


Who developed this program and why?


59% of Americans say running out of money is their number one fear. How can a person feel at ease in their life if a wave of fear comes over them when they think of retirement? We realized that with just a concrete base, people were able to start on a path of Personal Financial Power. With that, we designed and developed the programs that make sense for everyone.  No hocus pocus in working with us.


How do I figure out if working with Wealth Strong is right for me?


Interestingly, researchers find there are some definite common traits or habits exhibited by financially savvy people.  These include knowing information about how much risk they can take, having an organized financial system, understanding that common financial knowledge may not be the best for them and understanding that they must be flexible because changes in the economy or with the markets may demand a different way of looking at how their money is working for them.  We work with people through a series of steps to start you on a solid foundation. You will never walk into a meeting with us and be given a presentation on a product.  We want people to learn financial skills before showing what of the hundreds of financial products might solve a problem. You will be amazed to see that as the path becomes clearer, you become the sophisticated financial person who can take control of your family without the confusion. You will find that having  a guide by your side helping you evaluate where you want to go next makes life easier and less stressful.

What other programs and services do you provide


Our motto is FIRST THINGS FIRST. Start with empowering yourself in your relationship with money and everything else will fall into place.

We believe the biggest focus needs to be becoming powerful in your understanding about were you stand and where you are going. Once you get a good understanding how money works, a variety of options open up.  However, we always start by helping you get your footing.  Of course we use an amazing array of tools and exercises and programs to help you learn along the way. People don’t want confusion in their financial life.  If you ever feel confused or overwhelmed, please talk with us.  Our founder’s first profession was being a teacher.  They called her a miracle worker in helping her special education students learn what other teachers never were able to convey. We are thrilled to suggest and guide you toward programs and services to help full various strategies when and if that is the appropriate step. However, the major focus of our work is empowerment first.


Do You have an Affiliate Program?


It is an interesting question and the answer is “it depends”.  If an advisor or financial professional wishes to have their clients use our services we are pleased to help them offer those services.  If a person interested in helping many other people become empowered using our systems, they can speak with us regarding our referral program.  WSLS team members never consider themselves salespeople.  Once a person feels skilled in their understanding of how money works and tells us they are interested in moving forward to find a product to fund a strategy, we provide guidance and may help with fulfilling that need.  However, it is our policy to make sure our fiduciary duty is fulfilled by researching or helping to bring the best research into the mix. This includes bringing consultants from Finer Center (the Financial Educator Resource Center) or putting out a RFP to financial professionals if there is a special need.


At first I thought the only thing I would get out of working with this group was an easy way to organize and track my finances. Then I was surprised to learn that I was really in the dark regarding financial strategies. I was especially impressed when I learned about the area of money transfers. I was paying a lot in management fees and I learned there were  other options. That was an eye opener.

Beyond that, i finally feel I have a system that I understand instead of feeling bamboozled each time I went into my annual broker meeting.  I like the knowledge and the freedom. I don’t feel pressure to keep any of my money invested in one place – these people are expansive in their thinking and what they provide. I now feel a sense of control I never felt before.

Tom K

I enjoyed the process the Wealth Strong group used and I accomplished more in a few meetings with them than I have in a lifetime of seeking clarity around finances. I didn’t know where to start but the work they did with me made it easy.  After working with a couple different Wealth Strong team members, I realized I shouldn’t keep this to myself.

I brought in my daughter and son in law. They have small children and I wanted them to take advantage of what was never available to me at their age. I even started one of the programs i learned about for them – as Christmas gift and my daughter has thanked me several times. I thought I was pretty smart and they are enjoying the strategies they are learning about college funding.

Elaine I.

As a federal retiree who became a client, I think my experience is unique. I moved from working as a hydrologist and eventually served as the chief representative of the USGS for the State of Minnesota from 1992 until I retired in 2004.

In 2011 I took on a different role for Wealth Strong Wealth Solutions’ not-for-profit company, the Federal Employee Benefits Center. I help federal employees understand the intricacies of their federal benefits. In working side-by-side with team members of both organizations I have seen the dedication and commitment they have for federal workers and their families.

I encourage you to take advantage of the expertise – starting with the Cash Flow Longevity Strategy Analysis provided at your request.

George Garklavs, FedEBC Instructor & Analyst

Want to find out more about our gaining Personal Financial Power?

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